Jolida Music Envoy w/ 2 Push-pull mono blocks 150W 211
Monophonic power of 150W ea.
Push-Pull EL34 in the 211 and driver
Available in Black or Silver
Jolida Mono Blocks
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Mono Blocks
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-- $5327
All Three Pieces
(black or silver)
-- $4198 pair
(black or silver)
Features detailed (by block)
Power: 150W before clipping (200W to 1000hz)
Tubes: 211 x 2, 2 x EL34 12AT7 x 2
Input: 1 input RCA -1 Output HP: exit 8 ohm and 1 exit 4 ohms
Bandwidth: 14hz - 50Khz to +/-1db-
Signal-to-noise ratio: > 84db
Harmonic distortion < 0.5db
System Easy-Bias without measuring apparatus
Soft Start
Stand-by (third if associated with the Music
Envoy preamp remote road)
Remote control massive aluminium
Dimensions (L x P x H): 30 x 55 x 32
Voltage 230-240V
Comply with CE standards and RoHS
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