WE ARE THE SOLE OWNER OF THE JOLIDA TRADEMARK, WORLDWIDE.. From the beginning, when Jolida hifi products were first designed and manufactured by us, we owned 50% of the Jolida Hifi enterprise, and in 1997 we became the sole legal owners of Jolida, owning 100% of the company as well as designing and manufacturing 100% of the product line. We are the sole owner of the Jolida trademark, its product line, and all of its intellectual property.

SHENDA-JOLIDA CO.,LTD is a registered limited company which was incorporated in Shanghai in October of 1996.
Our company address :
The east of fifth bridge, Jiazhu road,
Jiading District,

Our factory is located in the Jiading district of Shanghai. It consists of two main buildings, one for the manufacturing workshop and one for the business offices.
The total surface is 14,000 square feet of work and office space.

We have 25 people working in our factory.
4 are in the Design and Engineering department, 12 are in the Manufacturing workshop, and 10 are in the office.

We believe that good quality products can be produced only in good working conditions. Our company is family style atmosphere.

About Jolida
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